Panther Day on Nov. 1st

During our second Panther Day on November 1st students learned about the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead. This cultural celebration addressed a few standards including the first grade Social Studies standard, 1.2 The diverse perspectives and traditions of families from many cultures have shaped the United States, as well as the second grade Social Studies standard, 1.2 People of various cultures influence neighborhoods and communities over time.

After a morning of Crew and Academic activities students had a blast listening to speaker, Cristina Reveles, give a short talk on the history and significance of Day of the Dead. They then visited stations to participate in activities such as face painting, traditional food, and tissue paper cutouts. We would like to send a huge shout-out to our volunteers who are part of the Full Circle Parent Mentor Program for their efforts to put on this awesome event!

If your child is interested in participating in our next Panther Day on January 17th please stop by the front office of their school to fill out a salmon-colored form or follow this link for registration information.

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