Survey Results and Next Steps

Dear LCSD Families,

Thank you for your response to the survey regarding the back to school plan. We had 162 families respond. Below you will find the results of the data.

Themes from the open-ended questions included:

  • Ideas for other plan types
  • Questions or comments about specific health practices
  • Thoughts about logistics of the proposed plan
  • Comments or concerns relate to the plan

The results trended in favor of the plan, yet there was a significant number of responses that expressed an interest in a remote option. Based on the comments, we have begun discussing the feasibility of opening school with two learning models. One model will continue the face-to-face with re-entry approach to school. The second model will be a virtual (online) option for families. We will continue to work out the details of the two options and anticipate rolling out more detailed plans next week. This communication will include video explanations of school-level details and a forum for asking questions.  After we have shared the plans with families, each family will have the opportunity to select the learning model they would like for their child(ren). With these changing options, please know that:

  • Crew teachers may change
  • Orientation conferences may need to be rescheduled
  • All students must sign up for the option of their choice for semester one.

We appreciate the feedback as this is helpful as we plan for the school year.

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