LCSD Meal Distribution Details and Schedule!

Dear LCSD staff and partners,

Thanks so much for reaching out, and for your patience. This was quite a puzzle, but we are in good shape. I am going to try to get a mass text going, but haven’t gotten there yet!


Health and Safety Information (Kerri consulted with public health)

  • Please do not come to your shift if you or someone else you have had close contact with has been sick. We have back-up people available on each shift. If you need to call in sick, please call or text Kerri at 719-293-0107.
  • If you have recently traveled you need to monitor yourself for symptoms carefully, as we all do. If you start to experience symptoms, isolate yourself.
  • We will be taking temperatures at the beginning of each shift to keep ourselves and our students and their families protected.
  • Each vehicle will be supplied with a box of gloves and hand sanitizer. We have lots of gloves, and very little sanitizer. Please be careful overall, and thoughtful with your use.
  • Staff may be riding in vehicles together. You may choose to drive independently from the site where you work, and then walk beside the vehicle if you feel safer.
  • We will be asking people we encounter to wait at a distance until we have what they need in hand, and will do a quick, gloved pass off of lunch bags.
  • If you have more questions, please email, text, or call Kerri (please forgive a delayed response over the weekend).

Distribution Plan

Here is what was sent to families. We are hearing that many families aren’t receiving texts/emails. Some of you will be walking neighborhoods beside vehicles waving or calling kids from their houses. It will likely take a few days for people to get used to the routine.

“Dear LCSD Families,

Please note changes for school meals distribution at the following sites beginning Monday, March 23rd – Friday, March 27th. All meals are free, and are available to any children 18 years or younger. Adults do not have to be present for children to pick up meals.

Lake County High School – Noon to 1pm daily, Monday through Friday

This site is open for drive-up or walk-up. Drivers should remain in their car, and walkers should wait at a cone (6 feet apart for social distancing), and staff will ask how many lunches are needed. Please do not send someone who is sick to pick up lunches. If you have a neighbor who is sick or can’t drive, you may offer to pick up their meals. You can safely leave meals on their doorstep.

Mountain View West, Mountain View East, Mountain View Estates, and Lake Fork – Neighborhood deliveries will start at 11:30am daily, Monday through Friday

LCHS buses, district vehicles, and Full Circle vans will begin traveling slowly through these neighborhoods at 11:30am each day. Vehicles will honk their horns and volunteers will be outside the vehicles. Please stay near your home and send 1-2 people outside when the vehicle approaches. The volunteers will ask you how many meals you need for the day, and pass them to you. We expect this process may take more than an hour at Mountain View West and Lake Fork. We have enough food for everyone, and will make sure we drive past your home!

We look forward to seeing students and families next week as we distribute meals,

LCSD staff and volunteers”

***We will be providing you with training when you arrive for your shift***


  1. Please view the schedule below carefully! Check for your name on all days, and please let me know if something doesn’t look right. There are also “on-call” slots for each day (underneath the scheduled slots), as we anticipate that somewhere along the way, some people will be sick. If you would like to add your name to an on call list, please use the comment feature. If you have trouble with that, please email, text or call me.

The times have changed from my initial email. Please read carefully!

  • All staff/volunteers that are going to a remote site (Mountain View East and West, Lake Fork, and Mountain View Estates) need to be at LCHS at 10:45am on the day they are scheduled. We expect to finish between 1 and 1:30pm, though the first day or two may take a little longer.
  • All staff at the LCHS site need to be in at 11:30. They can expect to finish by 1:30pm.
  • The second tab is a contact list. Please check your information, and either use the comment feature to let me know about a change, or call/email/text. We also really need people who are authorized to drive district vehicles. Please update on the contact sheet if you are authorized. If you are willing to become authorized, please send me a photo or scan of your driver’s license.
  • Finally, please confirm you are good with your schedule by texting me by Sunday at 5pm! 719-293-0107.

Here it is! LCSD Meal Distribution Schedule

I am so grateful to all of you who responded, and am really excited that we get to serve our community with this essential need. Again, if you have questions, let me know!

With gratitude,