2016-17 School District Calendar & FAQ

The Lake County School District Calendar committee (made up of parents, staff and community members) worked very hard this winter to rise to the challenge of creating a district calendar for next year that responds to the needs of multiple stakeholder groups.  They explored the possibility of making both small and significant changes. After gathering feedback from stakeholder groups, exploring different calendars, creating straw designs, conducting a survey and responding to survey responses the committee created a responsive calendar.  The committee decided that for the coming year they would recommend one of two versions of the traditional calendar, the Mt. Elbert version. Mt. Elbert was selected by a vast majority (90%) of the survey respondents, and this was echoed by the committee. The Board of Education approved this calendar, which has 179 teacher contract days and 162 student contact days.  The total instructional minutes in this calendar is greater than we currently have due to the re-inclusion of Wednesday afternoons as instructional time.

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