100 Elk – Family Info Update 1 – 9.4.2020

Dear Families – 

We are glad your student is participating in the 2nd Day Supports Program with 100 Elk Outdoor Center! Students are having a blast, being active, strengthening their understanding of the Habits of a Learner, and doing their academic work too! We’ll get some pictures posted next week.

For now, we have some very important information and reminders for you as we go into week 2. Please read this all carefully.

Schedule for Week 2

  • A track students will be at 100 Elk on Tuesday, September 8th and Thursday, September 10th.
  • Due to the Monday holiday, B track students will be at 100 Elk on Wednesday, September 9th and Friday, September 11th. 

BORROW WARM CLOTHES – SNOW is in the forecast!

  • SNOW is in the forecast for next week!!!! This might look like *rain or snow* in Buena Vista.
  • Students will still be outside almost all day, even if it’s cold, snowy, or rainy. PLEASE make sure they come prepared to be outside, regardless of weather.
  • Borrow WARM clothes for your student for FREE at the Get Outdoors Leadville!’s Community Gear Library. 
    • The Gear Library is located at 107 Spruce St. 
    • The Gear Library is open:
      • 8am-2pm – Saturday, September 5th (No need for an appointment – just come by!)
      • 8am-Noon – Monday, September 7th (Please reach out to make an appointment on this day)
    • Questions? Call 719-297-1769 
    • Para ayuda en español, llame a Jackie – 719-293-5533

Water Bottles

Students need to bring a water bottle with them.

Academics @ 100 Elk

Make sure your student brings their school work and supplies (pencils, highlighters, etc.) to 100 Elk. They have time to do school work. No Chromebooks or I-pads should come to 100 Elk. 

Bus behavior

During week 1, we had some challenging student behavior on the bus to and from Buena Vista. Please make sure your student understands that poor bus behavior will not be tolerated. 

If we cannot get your student to follow bus rules (including wearing masks and staying in their seat), they will not be allowed on the bus. Your options will be to drive them to and pick them up from the 100 Elk Outdoor Center for the program or for them to not participate in the program. 

LCIS Community Field Drop-off & Pick-up

Due to paving operations at the Community Field, we are requesting 1-way traffic for all vehicles. This map shows the way we are hoping vehicles will drive. Please enter by the Boulevard and drive around the west side of the field. Drop-off is in the northwest corner of the field.