Face-to-face instruction to begin in August

Dear Parents/Guardians and Community:

The board of education had lengthy discussions weighing pros and cons of how school should be conducted in August. At the end of the conversations it was decided that, based on our current local community infection status, a position supporting face-to-face instruction in August was adopted. The decision aligns with the guidance from the Colorado Health Institute, American Academy of Pediatrics, and input from local public health. The guidance allows for flexibility in adapting this position if and when the local status changes.

The guiding principles adopted by the board have been included (see below).

The decision to begin school with an in-person approach is a starting point. There are many health related considerations we will discuss and plan toward. Details as to the logistics of the start of school will continue to be developed over the next few weeks. We will continue to communicate these logistics.

With that said, we realize that students and their families may have personal reasons for which a return to school is a concern. We would like to understand the concerns so that we can consider how best to support all of our students. At this time, we are requesting that families with a concern start a conversation with us by sending an email to btaylor@lakecountyschools.net by July 22nd with a subject line of “COVID”. In response, we would like to follow up with a phone conversation with you so that we can best understand the need. Please include your contact information (name and phone number) within the body of the email. 

We appreciate your support in making very tough decisions on how to move forward with the start of school in response to the pandemic and the conflicting information available with which to guide our decisions. 


Bethany Massey, Superintendent

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