Follow up from conversation with Mr. Cairns

Dear Families,

Mr. Cairns appreciated speaking with all of you Wednesday night, 2/4, to explain the quarantine of your child’s cohort.  We wanted to follow up to make sure the details are clear.  The typical quarantine for a student is 10 full days from exposure.  This would have your student out of quarantine on 2/13.  However, with a negative test students only need to quarantine for 7 days.  So, if they have negative test they could be out of quarantine after a week starting on 2/11.  Since this is an A day cohort, we will simply plan for all students to have their classes virtually Monday and Wednesday of next week.  The quarantine also applies to athletics and extracurricular activities.  In fact, public health recommends to be away from people as much as is possible.  If your student participates in athletics and wishes to return after the 7 days, please provide a copy of the negative test results to Alison Sprague and they can return to activities.  Thanks so much. Reach out to Mr. Cairns with questions. 

Ben Cairns

LCHS Principal