Help out Project Dream and Full Circle by taking the TGYS survey!

Dear Parents/Guardians/Families of Students participating in 2nd Day,

Help out Project Dream and Full Circle by taking the TGYS survey!

The survey includes a drop down in the upper right corner to select your language–Spanish or English.  In response to the following questions please select:

  • Please indicate which organization the program you participate in is affiliated with:
    • Full Circle of Lake County, Inc.
  • Please select the program you participate in:
    • Social Emotional Learning Out of School Time Program (SEL-OOST).

Survey Link:

More Information:

During this school year, your child has had the opportunity to participate in 2nd day programming that included social emotional learning development based on the Random Acts of Kindness curriculum.  LCSD was able to provide this programming through partnership with Full Circle of Lake County and through collaborative grant funding from the state of Colorado’s Tony Grampsas Youth Services (TGYS).  TGYS’ funding helped to make sure we could provide this high quality programming free of charge to all youth, K-6, who were enrolled in 2nd day programs this year.

One requirement of our receiving that funding is that we invite parents of all youth participants in Kindergarten through 5th grade to take TGYS’ Outcomes Survey on behalf of their child.  This survey was made by TGYS and includes topics their agency prioritizes and questions they are interested in collecting responses to from parents across the state.  If you would please take 10 minutes to honestly respond to the electronic survey linked below, we would greatly appreciate it.  Your information will be anonymous and confidential, and your participation will help ensure that the school district and Full Circle are both able to continue to offer high quality social-emotional learning programs at no cost in our community.

Thank you so much for your participation!