Staff Update 5.22.20

Dear Colleagues,

It has been an unusual and unsettling end to our spring semester. Yet, all of you have continued to show up for our students in innovative ways to not only make sure that they were getting enough to eat, but that they continue to learn. As you embark on summer these are some updates from the district level.

Budgets, Hiring, Contracts and Assurances

Just as we have had a strange spring so has the state legislature. Due to the pandemic they have been unable to meet. Their regular session was scheduled to end on May 6th and now will finish at the end of June. In a normal year, we have the information to complete our school district budget by early May. Having our budget from the state allows us to: 

  • complete hiring for the next school year
  • finish negotiations with our classified and teachers associations 
  • send out letters of assurances and contracts and
  • have our school board approve our final budget.

This year we expect to receive information from the legislature at the end of May, which means we will be able take the steps listed above in June. 

We would like to communicate with you regarding these items throughout the summer in the same way this communication is being sent out. You will receive texts with links that will take you to a website for just our employees. The website will have updates as we make progress on each of these processes. Please watch for texts from the district and click on these links so we can stay connected throughout the summer.

Thank you for your flexibility and dedication that you have shown throughout the entire school year and particularly this spring. We are so grateful for your commitment!