Section E


Section E contains policies, regulations and exhibits on non-instructional services and programs, particularly those on business management, safety, building and grounds management, office services, transportation and food services. Also included are policies on busing, fire drills, vandalism, data management and insurance programs.

EB – Environmental and Safety Program

EBAB – Hazardous Materials


EBB – Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures

EBB-R – Accident Prevention and Safety Procedures (Regulation)

EBB-E –  Director/Supervisor’s Report on Violation of District Rules (Exhibit)

EBBA – Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission

EBBA-R –  Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission (Handling Body Fluids and Substances)

EBBB –  Accident Reports

EBCE – School Closings and Cancellations

EBCE-R –  School Closings and Cancellations – Regulation

ECA/ECAB –  Security/Access to Buildings

EDB –  Maintenance and Control of Materials and Equipment

EDC –  Authorized Use of School-Owned Materials and Equipment

EEA – Student Transportation

EEA-R –  Student Transportation (Transportation Fee)

EEAE –  Bus Safety Program

EEAEA –  School Transportation Vehicle Operator Requirements and Training

EEAEAA* – Drug and Alcohol Testing for Bus Drivers

EEAEAA*-R –  Drug and Alcohol Testing for Bus Drivers (Regulation)

EEAEC – Student Conduct on Buses

EEAEC-R –  Student Conduct on School Buses (Regulation)

EEAEF* – Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles

EEAEF*-R – Video Cameras on Transportation Vehicles (Regulation)

EEAEG –  Use of Wireless Communication Devices by School Transportation Vehicle Operators

EEAFB – Use of School Vehicles by Community Groups

EEAFB-R – Use of School Vehicles by Community Groups – Regulation

EEAG –  Student Transportation in Private Vehicles

EEBA –  School Transportation Vehicles (Use of Safety Belts)

EEBB –  Use of Private Vehicles on School Business

EF –  School Nutrition Program

EF-E-1-School Meal Payments-Exhibit

EF-E-2-Civil Rights Complaint Procedure for School Nutrition Program-Exhibit

EFC –  Free and Reduced Price Food Services

EFEA* –  Nutritious Food Choices

EGAD – Copyright Compliance

EGAD-R-1 – Copyright Compliance (Computer Software)

EGAD-R-2 – Copyright Compliance (Books and Periodicals)

EGAD-R-3 – Copyright Compliance (Music Materials)

EDAD-R-4 –  Copyright Compliance (Television Programs)

EGADA –  Protection of Intellectual Property

EGAEA –  Electronic Communication

EHB –  Records Retention

EHBA-Data Management-Electronic Signatures

EI –  Insurance Program/Risk Management

EIE-Compliance with the Affordable Care Act

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