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What are your priorities for how LCSD allocates its funding? This fall there is a statewide initiative on the ballot called Amendment 73 that, if passed, would provide an additional $1.9 million annually to the Lake County School District. Amendment 73 would raise $1.6 billion annually statewide for the state education fund. The mechanism it uses is primarily an incremental income tax on taxpayers earning $150,000 per year or more in taxable income. The Lake County Board of Education has joined many other school districts in Colorado in passing a resolution in support of Amendment 73.

Colorado ranks 42nd in the US for per pupil funding for K-12 education and at last measure spent $2,793 per pupil below the national average. The additional $1.9 million in funding would represent approximately a 15% increase in LCSD’s general fund budget. LCSD wants to hear from all of its stakeholders about their priorities for how these additional funds should be prioritized if Amendment 73 is approved by voters and the funds are received. The LCSD Community Funding Priorities Survey can be accessed via the LCSD website, Facebook page or directly at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LCSDFundingPriorities.

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Here is a factual summary about Amendment 73 and its impact on Lake County, provided by the Colorado Association of School Boards:

Lake County A73 Factual Summary (2)

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