Family Engagement Offerings

The following programs are offered for family members of students in LCSD. Families do not need to have a student enrolled in Project Dream programs to take advantage of these offerings; however, there are some bonuses for families whose students are enrolled in Project Dream!

ESL – GED/Google Suites Courses with CMC

These English as a Second Language Courses are offered through CMC free to any parent who has a child enrolled in Project Dream programs. More details on how to enroll and course dates will be coming soon!

Family Academic Nights

These evenings at each school are designed to equip families with the resources to help their child succeed in school. The main focus during these evenings will be math and literacy. Highly qualified teachers will explain why we teach the way we do and share ideas to help your student at home. More details including dates for Family Academic Nights will be coming soon!

Trusted Adult Series

Full Circle is collaborating with LCSD to offer parent education training with topics that increase parent involvement in their child’s academic and social emotional learning. The goal for each training would be to increase effective communication between children and parents and to increase capacity for parent’s to support their child’s education from home. Dates and topics for this series will be coming soon!