Gifted & Talented Programs

The Gifted and Talented Program at Lake County is offered through multiple pathways for students depending upon the grade level. Each student identified as Gifted and Talented have an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP). An ALP is a map for educators, parents, and students to better understand and meet the needs of each child’s giftedness. The GT Facilitators work with the parents, students, and teachers to develop the ALP. Additionally, each student is required to have a social/emotional goal. These goals may focus on the development of self-advocacy, leadership, organization, service to others, or understanding giftedness. The goals are individualized to each student.

Students at West Park are served through accelerated programming, enrichment, and cluster grouping.

Students at the Intermediate School are served through accelerated programming, cluster grouping, and extensions.

Students at the High School are served through advanced programming that includes accelerated classes, college courses taken at Colorado Mountain College, advanced placement classes (AP) and even independent studies where warranted.

District GT Coordinator: Wendy Scott,

Lake County School District Gifted & Talented Handbook 2016-17

Parent Resources

Colorado Department of Education Gifted Education Web Site:

CDE Vision Gifted

Early Access

Fast Facts ALP and ICAP

Fast Facts ALPs

Glossary of GT Terms

Twelve Traits of Giftedness

Educator Resources

 Websites for Getting to Know Students:

List Poem Lesson Plan

Getting to Know Them

First Day Icebreakers

Glossary of Terms for Gifted and Talented

Twelve Traits of Giftedness

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