No Project Dream Thursday For Mrs. Fernee or Ms. Dixon classes

Dear West Park Families of a Kindergarten student in Mrs. Fernee or Ms. Dixon’s A cohorts:

Due to a possible COVID-19 exposure in these two classroom A cohorts, there will be no Project Dream programming for these West Park students at Pitts on Thursday, Dec. 10th

If your child is in one of these two class cohorts, and would usually attend Project Dream tomorrow, please plan for other arrangements for them and do not send them to Pitts. They can continue with their at-home learning activities.

Please note that this is only for kindergarten students in Mrs. Fernee and Ms. Dixon’s classes who attend Project Dream on Tuesday/Thursday. 

The West Park staff will work with the school nurse to complete contract tracing on Thursday and will send out additional communications with information and next steps. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding, 

West Park Elementary School