Expeditionary Learning in Action: More than a Ski Day

Part of Expeditionary Learning is the implementation of in-depth learning experiences known as expeditions. One example is third grade’s recent Tenth Mountain expedition, which we ‘d like to share with you here. This expedition would not have been possible without the help of many teachers, LCSD staff, parent and community volunteers, Ski Cooper and our ski day sponsors. Most importantly, it would not have been possible without the gracious participation of the Tenth Mountain veterans who took time to share their experiences. Thank you!

Here is how the expedition progressed:

First, the third grade learned about WWII, the Tenth Mountain soldiers, and their impact on Leadville in their classrooms and on field work trips. These academic topics align with the third grade social studies standards. The third grade team developed this curriculum.

Next, students wrote reflections and letters of appreciation, which they presented to Tenth Mountain veterans at an assembly at LCIS. Click the links below to some of their presentations and final work:

Violet’s Presentation

Mahala’s Presentation

Destiny’s Presentation

Finally, the entire third grade journeyed to Ski Cooper for the annual Tenth Mountain Ski Down. Many students skied for the first time, and learned first-hand about the soldiers’ equipment and experiences. They also got to witness and be a part of the Ski Down, a tribute to the Tenth and the veterans:



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